Have you noticed the sudden popularity of Forex trading? It is easily the largest financial market, with over 2.2 trillion dollars changing hands each day. In fact, this is ten times the size of the next largest financial market, the New York Stock Exchange. So is online Forex trading a legitimate investment option or simply a glorified legalized gambling opportunity?

The following are indicators that Forex Trading is NOT for you.

1. You are a Dummy or Complete Idiot. I have noticed that the folks who produce the Dummies books and the Complete Idiots books have not touched Forex. I believe this means that you fall into one of those two categories (Dummies or Complete Idiots) that Forex is NOT for you.

2. You are looking for a quick buck. Forex is not a get-rich-quick scheme. For everyone who strikes it rich quickly, there is someone else who had large early losses.

3. Your family is on a very tight budget and your spouse or significant other is uncomfortable with the risks involved with Forex trading. Money you invest in Forex trading should be money that you either both agree can be used for this purpose or else money that is truly yours. No one wants to find out their overtime check was transferred to their spouse's Forex account and now there is nothing left for the car payment.

And the following indicates that Forex Trading could be for you.

1. You have a healthy dose of self-discipline - Successful forex traders follow a system and rules and do not let their emotions affect their decisions.

2. You plan to study Forex and investing before placing more than a nominal amount in your Forex account. See links below for advice on Forex trading systems and investing systems in general.

3. You are clear with yourself and your spouse how much money you will add to a Forex account and at what point you will simply close the account. When I say you are clear, WRITE IT DOWN.

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